We’re leveling up the healthcare experience.
From designing pioneering ways to visualize the human body to building technology used by some of the world’s leading healthcare organizations, we’ve come a long way.

We believe that the healthcare organizations and brands providing the most seamless, intuitive, and personal experiences are the same ones providing the best care.

Emerging technologies are helping transform the fragmented healthcare experience by providing new ways to unify, educate, and nurture users.

At the same time, increasingly tech-savvy users are demanding a more intuitive, seamless, design-driven healthcare experience.

Alexander Tsiaras, StoryMD Founder/CEO, Talk at Exponential Medicine 2019

Our Mission

We exist to improve health lives by translating every individual’s health data into a personal story that can be understood and acted on.

Information drives a sense of ownership. A sense of ownership drives action. A action improves outcomes.

We believe that if individuals are truly empowered to understand and own their own personal health stories, they'll not just be better at prevention, adherence, and compliance, but they'll live better too: ardently and exuberantly pursuing peak wellness - and helping those around them be as well as they can be.

Our Team


Alexander Tsiaras

Founder and CEO

Chief Technology and Privacy Officer

Andrew Braunstein

Chief Technology and Privacy Officer

Vice President, Product Development

Elena Severin

Vice President, Product Development

User Experience Design

Chris Oquist

User Experience Design


George Papandreou

President of the Socialist International; Former Prime Minister of Greece


Ben Chang

CEO, idsMED Group; Executive Director, Fung Group


Kimon Angelides, PhD

Founder and CEO at Vivante Health; Founded Livongo, IPO’d on NASDAQ in July 2019


Mike Hawley, PhD

Director, EG Conference; Former Director of Special Projects at MIT's Media Laboratory; Developer NeXT Computers


Jane Metcalfe

Founder NEO.LIFE; Co-founder and Former President of Wired Ventures; Creator and Original Publisher of Wired


Josef Penninger, MD

Chairman of Functional Genetics, Director of the Life Sciences Institute at the University of British Columbia; Awards: Descartes Prize, Ernst Jung Prize, Wittgenstein-Preis - asteroid 48801 Penninger is named in his honor


Armen Keteyian

11-time Emmy Award Winner; Correspondent to 60 Minutes; Anchor/Executive Producer, The Athletic

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